Review: Moon Love USA Compact Pressed Powder 

Actually compact powders help to dry out liquid foundation or for blotting the oily skin 🙈. Compact powders are necessary for some ladies  and some don't need to apply it.  But if you're skin is oily you shouldn't skip compact powders because they can help your makeup to stay long.  My skin is normal but... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Handmade Tassel Earring By Pari

You can't explain the happiness of getting the handmade stuff coz handmade is made with love and care 😘 A few days ago very talented "Yumna Shehzad (Pari)  " sent me 2 pairs from her handmade jewelry collection  😍   Have a look to the Tassel Earrings that she sent me 😍👇 My Experience and... Continue Reading →

Golden Rose Makeup Haul

Makeup hauls are my favorite thing.  I love when Mua's and Blogger's show their makeup hauls.  I really enjoy Infact each girl enjoys as far as i know 🙈 Few days back I received a mail in which i got some makeup products from Golden Rose Pakistan 😍 I thought i should post a haul on my... Continue Reading →

Review: Ener Hair Shampoo By Pal Medica Pakistan 

Some girls or ladies are very possessive about their hair. They just want perfect hair,  no damage or split ends etc.  These type of girls also are very selective about picking up the products for their hair.     I'm also one of those girls 🙈 .  Pal Medica sent me their products a month... Continue Reading →

DIY Shell-Fishy Earrings

These days "DIY's" are very popular. Everyone wants to be creative with their stuff and want something new.  Handmade things are the biggest demanded items among  the people.  Also many online shops are offering such items. But I think the things created by our own hands give us happiness more than buying. Because that's something... Continue Reading →

A Small Visit To My Sketchbook 

Hi. Monsoon season just started here in Pakistan and it makes me too lazy 🙈. I thought today I should share a little sneak peak or you can say a small visit to my sketchbook.  I'm not a pro and haven't learnt sketching. But from my childhood I'm interested in arts.  That was my wish... Continue Reading →

Review: Zinpal Anti Acne Lotion By Pal Medica Pakistan 

Hi beauties. Acne is a terrible problem for girls 🙈. I'm not a victim, but rarely often a little pimples pop up on my face. But their are many many girls facing this problem. Mostly those who own oily skin! Few weeks back "Pal Medica" sent me their "Zinpal Anti Acne Lotion" to try out.... Continue Reading →

Comfortable Jelly Flats/Flip Flops By

Hi Beauties 🙋 Hope you're all doing well and enjoying summer 🙈.  You'll be in search of comfy and cool slipers to wear in this hot summer because no one wears coat shoes in summer at least not at home. Today I'm introducing "" 👌 They sent me a beautiful and a comfortable Jelly flat... Continue Reading →

Review: Olor New Fragrances

Hi beauties🙋. Who doesn't loves body sprays or perfumes? 😄 Specially in summer you can't stay without body sprays or any other fragrances 😅. Different people love different type of fragrances but mine favourite depends on mood 🙈  I gotta some body sprays from the new collection of "Olor Pakistan" a few days back. They... Continue Reading →

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